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Allergy & Asthama AYURVEDIC CURE FOR ASTHMA Is asthma curable? Is there any path for that? – are some frequently asked questions from many. Why not? Says Dr.S.S.Hiremath, the skilled Ayurvedic Practitioner of Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital situtated at Rajajinagar Entrance, Bangalore, has describing an Ayurvedic approach for Asthma. Asthma is a long-lasting (Chronic) disease of the lungs is inflames your airways (Bronchi) seriously, which is characterized by- 1.Shortness of Breath/difficulty in breathing 2.Feeling tightness or pressure in the chese 3.Frequent upper Respiratory infection & wheezing 4.Coughing – Ususally dry, light and non-productive In today’s stressful modern urbanized living increasing the incidence of asthma considerably children suffer more than adults and more common in boys than in girls. Asthma attacks are not all the same. Some are worse than other. Many people with asthma have problems only occasionally, but others struggle with it everyday. It can be life threatening particularly if it is not treated adequately and promptly. So taking care of asthma becomes mandatory. Ayurvedic insight into asthma has a broader perspective. It classifies the asthma as an acutely Kaphic disorder with simultaneous accumulation of ama (toxin which produced by undigested and uneliminated food particles) at Respiratory system brought on by excessive mucous and phlegm. Although the human body has a great intelligent, natural healing system that is capable of rejuvenating itself, the formation of toxins reduces this natural capacity. So, the versatile approach of Ayurveda always focusing the root cause of disease. That means the therapy does not attack on Asthma, but attack on reasons causing. TREATMENT: Ayurveda emphasize on treatments to eliminate such toxins and balancing the Dosha.Some such treatments are - 1.Vamana (Therapeutic Vomiting or emesis) & 2.Virechana (Purgation therapy) VAMANA is the procedure in which we eliminate the waste product (kapha toxins) which is collected in the body and respiratory tract from its roots (stomach) through the mouth. The course of treatment involves loosening and mobilizing the toxins in an effort to finally eliminate them. After vomiting the patient will feel very comfortable, most of congestion, wheezing and breathlessness will disappear along with the clearing sinus. As the process of purification is done from the roots the chances of attacks is come to control. After Vamana, the Virechana therapy and internal medicines plays a role to stop further production of toxins and strengthens your immune system, make the respiratory system more resistant, enhance our self-reliance, vitality and mental clarity. Treatment for children below 14 years and aged people will include only internal pills and syrups. For further details please contact : 23505777, 9341226614
Dear Doctors Wish You All a Very Happy Doctors Day.. Proud to be in Noble Profession.. May Lord Dhanwantari Bless all Vaidyas. Dr S S Hirmath Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital Rajajinagar Bangalore-10 9341226614
An Effortless Ayurvedic Treatment for “Arthritis” Arthritis is considered to be a leading cause of disability in the world. The 24% of people who consult the Doctors suffer either from some kinds of aches or pains. Among this 10-15% has suffered from Arthritis. Though the modern technology of medical world is inventing the new type of treatments, pills, pain killers, pain balms, etc., there is no complete cure for Arthritis, which is marked as a “CHRONIC DISEASE” stated Eminent Ayurvedic Practitioner Dr.S.S.Hiremath (The chief doctor of Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital, Near Rajajinagar Entrance) has illustrated the Ayurvedic approach for Arthritis as below. ARTHRITIS – Simply means inflammation of joints, is common problem. It affects in all age groups, but more in old age which give the symptoms such as- 1.Stiffness, swelling in one or more joints. 2.Deep aching in joints. 3.Any pain associated with movement of a joint. 4.Tenderness, warmth or redness in an affected joints. 5.Fever, weight loss or fatigue that accompanies joint pain, etc. 6.Movement of the joint becomes extremely painful especially in cold, windy and damp weather. It is notable if this disease is not taken care of properly at the initial stage, the joint becomes immobile and may also become permanently deformed. The common types of Arthritis are- 1.Osteoarthritis (Sandhigata Vata) 2.Rheumatoid Arthritis (Ama Vata) 3.Gout (Vatarakta) 4.Fibromyalgia (CFS) 5.Ankylosing Spondylosis And sciatica, cervical spondylosis, Lumbar spondylosis etc. Ayurvedic Approach: According to Ayurveda, mostly pains are caused by Vata(Air) Dosha. The lack of Agni (digestion fire) creates undigested food toxins (Ama) which circulates the whole body and gets collected at joints. The accumulation of ama at joints with simultaneous aggravation of Dosha (Imbalance of Vata/Pitta/Kapha) causes the inflammation at joints, which is known as “Arthritis”. TREATMENT: The specialty of Ayurveda lies in the concept of disease and concept of complete cure. So it focusing the root cause of the disease. As described above, Toxin (Ama) and aggravation of Dosha are the main causes of the disease. So, effort can be made by removing the toxin, from the body, (by adopting various purificatory procedures) stimulate the digestive fire to stop further production of Ama and balancing the Dosha. In order to that, Ayurveda classify the local treatment (upakarmas) such as- 1.Kati Basti (for lower back pain) & 2.Greeva Basti (for cervical problem) 3.Janu Basti (for knee problem) etc. Are providing the nourishment to the joints and relieves the pain. And main treatment (Pradhana Karmas) such as 1.Virechana (Purgation Therapy) 2.Basti (Enema Therapy) Are an effective and powerful self-healing process, which helps the body to eliminate the toxins and to stop further production of toxins, strengthen our immune system and become more resistant to illness, enhance our self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity and bring about deep relaxation and sense of well-being Along with these treatments, internal medicines play an importance role in curing this disease. According to Ayurveda, if proper treatment is given, there are fairly good chances to cure. OSTEO ARTHRITIS (SANDHIGATA VATA) According to Modern concept: The cartilage loses its elasticity. If the cartilage is stiff it becomes damaged more easily. The cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber, will gradually wear away in some areas. As the cartilage becomes damaged tendons and ligaments become stretched, causing pain. Eventually the bones may rub against each other causing very severe pain. What Ayurveda says is , due to improper Ahara and Vihara Vata, one of the bodily humors get vitiated and gets lodged in the joints and causes pain and dryness in the joints, Hence the condition is termed as ‘SANDHIGATA VATA’. AYURVEDIC WAY OF APPROACH 1.Janu basti 2.Basti which is given after complete Detoxificaton of the body either by Virechana or Sadhyovirechana. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS (AMA VATA) MODERN CONCEPT: This is an inflammatory form of arthritis. The synovial membrane (synovium) is attacked, resulting in swelling and pain. If left untreated the arthritis can lead to deformity. ACCORDING TO AYURVEDA: Due to improper ahara and vihara, causes Mandagni, which leads to the formation of Ama, which gets settled in various small and big joints, causing inflammation and painful joints. TREATMENTS ADOPTED: 1.Sadhyovirechana 2.Basti GOUTY ARTHRITIS (VATA RAKTHA) Modern concept: Gout is a kind of arthritis. It can cause an attack of sudden burning pain, swelling in a joint, usually a big toe. According to Ayurveda: Due to improper Ahara and Vihara , vata and raktha both gets vitiated and gets lodged in smaller joints and causes pain. Later which causes deformity of the extremities if left untreated. TREATMENTS ADOPTED 1.Virechana 2.Basti For further details please contact : 23505777, 9341226614
⁠Happy Morning The best treatment for all types of Life style diseases through Ayurveda Panchakarma at Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital Rajajinagar Bangalore By Dr Hiremath
⁠Happy Morning The best treatment for all types of Life style diseases through Ayurveda Panchakarma at Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital Rajajinagar Bangalore
Happy Morning The best treatment for all types of Arthritis through Ayurveda Panchakarma at Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital Rajajinagar Bangalore
Piles , Fistula & Fissure Get parmanent Cure through Ayurveda Akshata Sutra KsharaSutra Checkup Camp for Pt who is suffering from Piles Fistula & Fissure On 06/01/2018 Saturday between 10:30 to 2:30 pm Piles Doctor Dr S S Hiremath Shree DhanvantariAyurveda Hospital 1033, 4 th M Block , Dr Rajkumar Road , Rajajinagar Entrence, beside Golden Hieghts Building (more mega store) Bangalore 080-23505777, 9353077772
Free Blood sugar Check up Camp for Pt’s suffering from Diabeteic and Kennedy problem on 20//01/2018 Saturday at Hospital premises. Timings : between 10:am to 2:pm Venu: Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital 1033, 4th M block Dr Rajkumar Road Rajajinagar Bangalore-10